Land Use

Source file: /vol/geo/util/metadata2/mcp/sample_md_tree/massgis/landuse.shp

Land Use interpreted from aerial photography.

Time Period of Content: Unknown

Coordinate System: State Plane Coordinate System 1983, meters

Source: Mass GIS

Acknowledgements and Restrictions: None

Entity Overview: Entities are polygon geometry associated with tabular attributes.

Attribute Dictionary:
AreaArea of feature calculated from data geometry.meters?
PerimeterPerimeter of polygon calculated from data geometrymeters?
Multi_Unique IDNA
Multi_idUnique IDNA
Tile_nameMass GIS Town CodeNA
Lu_idUnique IDNA
Lu37_code37 Class Land UseEnumerated Below
Lu21_codeLand Use (See enumeration for 37 class system.)NA
YearLatest year of datayears
Lu37_19711971 land use codena
Lu37_19851985 land use codena
Lu37_19911991 Land Use CodeNA

Enumerations for Lu37_code:
1Cropland Intensive agriculture
2Pasture Extensive agriculture
4Wetland Nonforested freshwater wetland
5Mining Sand
6Open Land Abandoned agriculture
7Participation Golf
8Spectator Stadiums
9Water Based Beaches
10Residential Multi-family
11Residential Smaller than 1/4 acre lots
12Residential 1/4 - 1/2 acre lots
13Residential Larger than 1/2 acre lots
14Salt Wetland Salt marsh
15Commercial General urban
16Industrial Light & heavy industry
17Urban Open Parks
18Transportation Airports
19Waste Disposal Landfills
20Water Fresh water
21Woody Perennial Orchard
22No Change
23Cranberry bog (part of #21)
24Powerlines (part of #6)
25Saltwater sandy beach (part of #9)
26Golf (part of #7)
27Tidal salt marshes (part of #14)
28Irregularly flooded salt marshes (part of #14)
29Marina (part of #9)
30New ocean (areas of accretion)
31Urban public (part of #17)
32Transportation facilities (part of #18)
33Heath (part of #17)
34Cemeteries (part of #17)
35Orchard (part of #21)
36Nursery (part of #21)
37Forested Wetland

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