Commercial Property: Boston Assessing Department, 1992, Tract Level

Source file: /vol/geo/util/metadata2/mcp/sample_md_tree/boston_foundation/ASSESCMT.dbf

Covers commercial property.The City of Boston's Assessing Department is responsible for determining the value of a commercial or residential property. The amount of property taxes paid by the property's owner is determined by the assessed value of the property and building. - These files cover 5,528 commercial parcels in the city of Boston, including commercial, commercial condominiums and industrial parcels. Commercial land is not included.

Time Period of Content: 1992

Coordinate System: State Plane Coordinate System 1983, meters

Source: Boston Foundation

Acknowledgements and Restrictions: Datasets in the children and families database were collected from many different sources. Each source was normalized by census tract, blockgroup or zipcode by some folks at Northeastern University. For details on this process and on the Children and Families Database, consult the full documentation provided in bfppp3.doc which should be in the same directory as the tables.

Entity Overview: The entities in this dataset are attributesof 1990 census tracts. To be mapped, these attributes must be joined with an appropriate database of tract polygons.

Attribute Dictionary:
TractCensus Tractn/a
NumresNumber of commercial parcels-includes commercial, commercial condo, industrial, - commercial land not included.Parcels
TcondcexNumber of parcels in excellent condition-also see next column.Parcels
TcondreNumber of parcels with excellent condition rating-also see previous column- these can be added for a total.Parcels
TcondcvgNumber of parcels in very good condition.Parcels
TcondrgNumber of parcels in good condition.Parcels
TcondcavNumber of parcels in average condition-see next column.Parcels
TcondraNumber of parcels with average condition rating-see previous column-these may be added together.Parcels
TcondcfNumber of parcels in fair condition.Parcels
TcondcpNumber of parcels in poor condition.Parcels
TcondcvpNumber of parcels in very poor condition.Parcels
TcondcusNumber of parcels in unsound condition.Parcels
TcondmisNumber of parcels with missing condition rating.Parcels
TbuildaNumber of parcels with abandoned status.Parcels
TcbuildpNumber parcels partial abandoned status.Parcels
TcbuildbNumber of parcels burned out.Parcels
TcbuilddNumber of parcels boarded and abandoned.Parcels
TcbuildrNumber of parcels renovation status.Parcels
TcbuildcNumber of parcels new construction.Parcels
TcbuildoNumber of parcels status not applicable-see next column.Parcels
TrbuildaNumber of parcels status not applicable-see previous column-these may be added.Parcels
TbuldmisNumber of parcels with status missing.Parcels
NumpkgNumber of off street parking spaces.Spaces
TotlandTotal land value.US_Dollars
TotpropTotal property value.US_Dollars

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